3 Kasım 2013

from eminonu to kuzguncuk - designing a walk

panaroma of our route from eminönü to kuzguncuk

22 Ekim 2013

more of knitting _ the surface to walk on

tangling of the ropes

stabilizing with a thinner rope to avoid tangling

the wavy look of the basket woven

the flexibility of the whole

20 Ekim 2013

more of knitting _ the 3D object

the process of knitting

usage of different types of needles

strenghtening the periphers of the openings

facade appearances of the stretched object 

object, enlightened from
one of the openings

object seen from the above

vertical section cut from the middle

18 Ekim 2013

more of knitting _ the vertical divider

the process of knitting

finished work, fixed to a wooden frame

altering densities of the knits

considerable flexibility

the behaviour of compact/loose knitting under light

drawing showing the layers of the divider

diagram showing the altering flexibilities of the knitted parts

6 Ekim 2013


*garden, orchard

fabric & knitting

brainstorming on the usage of fabric/knitting in urban scale #1
brainstorming on the usage of fabric/knitting in urban scale #2
sketches for the assignment

wavy surface made out of basket woven with wire

two separate structures forming out the woven

knitting while loose

knitting while stretched

density of the knitting

a vertical divider trial,
created mainly to understand the basics of tensegrity

3D object designed for sitting/lounging

sitting area created by random rope sewing,
which was changed into a more systematic shape later on

fabric and tensile structures